Terms & Conditions

Payment in advance through wire transfer . 

If payment is not received within 5 days from the proforma invoice, the order will be cancelled.

Trackable shipments through DHL, DPD, Fedex, TNT, GLS or UPS.

Official 2 years warranty by producer/distributor for each product.

Technical and customer support by our internal centre at: contact@azbrandswholesale.com

AZ Brands Wholesale, in order to grant the best possible conditions to its customers, reserves the right to ban, at any time, the account of a customer in case of fraud, misconduct or abuse.

AZ Brands Wholesale, in order to ensure maximum CORRECTNESS, QUALITY and TRANSPARENCY to its customers, operates in the market with strict and efficient ethical rules.

AZ Brands Wholesale sells only ORIGINAL products with original box with regular sale invoice. Products are usually provided with their original instructions, but it is due to the customer, if needed, to control before buying that one or more specific languages are available for a certain product. No returns will be accepted for any reason regarding missing languages on the instructions.

All products arriving at repair centre will be examined in order to check possible damages ore improper use. If necessary, pictures of these evidences will be shared with the client.


Cargo insurance

Insurance is valid only if cartons or pallets appear tampered upon receipt of the goods by the courier.

In addition, the customer is required to:

    1. inform the carrier and make a note on the waybill as follows: “Cartons/Pallets tampered/damaged, it is accepted subject to control of quantity and quality.”;
    2. Proceed with checking the physical goods and reporting on the delivery note any deficiencies between what is stated in the invoice and what has been delivered;
    3. Send by email atcontact@azbrandswholesale.com within 48 hours, a scan of the waybill, with the notation required at point 1, as well as a detailed description of any deficiencies in case the same is not already been reported in the consignment note;

Any complaints on goods received, will only be accepted within seven days from the delivery date.